Thursday, October 14, 2010

paper modeller (computer programming project) blog - what for?

Paper models:
Paper models are models made of paper.
I talking about this stuff (my last paper model):

My paper models (I was 12-16) are totally home-made stuff, I didn't know much about the thing that time. They are designed with pen and graph paper then copied to cardboard with carbon paper.

I gave up that hobby and I have a new hobby since then: programming. So I want to make an application to design paper models: unfolding geometry and some other features. I know that there are programs for that already but I don't care. I want to make it handy and fancy, fancy GUI, shiny buttons. I'm coding in C. I'm an animal, so I'll reinvent everything. No engines, no nothing. Custom GUI, because I want to make it cross platform. OpenGL.

So this blog isn't really about paper modelling in general (I think), it's a kind of documentation for the programming project. I have been already working on it for 10 days. I will probably get bored of blogging pretty soon (or won't have time for it), but I try not to. I can't write, I don't speak English.

Ideas, comments about features are welcome, but I won't show source code.

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